LW48100 (LiWATT 48V-100Ah & 48V-200Ah) is a communication lithium battery based on innovative Li-ion technology. It is specially designed for telecom sites with advanced features: a long lifespan, a wide range of charging voltage, fast charging, and intelligent management.





Feature of LiFePO4 Battery

Functions of Battery

Charge curves at different C-rates
Discharge curves at different C-rates
SpecificationModelLW 48100
Electrical CharacteristicsNominal Voltage48V
Nominal Capacity100Ah
Internal Resistance≤20mΩ( without BMS)
Cycle Life≥4000 cycles @80%DOD
Design Life≥15 years @25℃
Self-Discharge (30 days)≤3% @35℃
Efficiency of Charge≥98%
Efficiency of Discharge≥100% @ 0.2C, ≥96% @ 1C
ChargeCharge Voltage52.5-54.0V
Charge Mode0.2C to 54V, then 54V charge current to 0.02C (CC/CV)
Max. Charge Current1C
DischargeMax. Continuous Discharge Current1C
Discharge Cut-off Voltage42.5V±0.5V
EnvironmentalCharge Temperature Range-20℃~60℃ (extra heating mechanism under 0oC)
Discharge Temperature Range-20℃~60℃ (reduced capacity under 0oC)
Optimum Operation Temperature10℃~35℃
Storage Temperature-20℃~55℃,≤85% Relative Humidity
Water Dust ResistanceIP20
MechanicalMax. Weight≥41kg
Dimensions W*D*H (excluding hanger and handle bar)442*450*156mm
CaseIron (Insulation painting)
Min. Gravimetric Specific energy112Wh/kg
TerminalM6*2 for positive and M6*2 for negative
Parallel in maximum16pcs in maximum, vertical or horizontal install are both allowed
CommunicationParallel CommunicationRS485
Battery with EquipmentRS485
Battery Debugging CommunicationRS232
SOC Light4 * LED
Charge Current limitWhen the charging current exceeds the set value,
turn on the current limit and limit the current to 10A
Optional FunctionsLCD Screen|Yes: Displays the total voltage pack, cell voltage, temperature, BMS status, etc. | No
Gyroscope anti-theft| Yes Keep battery tilt more than 15° to turn on anti-theft | No
Buzzer| Yes | No
Dry Contact| Yes PIN1 to PIN2: Normally closed, open during low power PIN3 to PIN4: Normally closed,
open during fault protection | No