LW 51.2V80 (LiWATT EV 51.2V-80Ah) is a communication lithium battery based on innovative Li-ion technology. It has advanced features: a long lifespan, a wide range of charging voltage, fast charging etc.


LiWatt EV 51.2-V-60Ah

LiWATT EV 51.2V-80Ah

Feature of LiFePO4 Battery

Functions of BMS

Curves of Batteries

Charge curves at different C-rates
Discharge curves at different C-rates

Technical Specification of Batery

Electrical CharacteristicsNominal Voltage51.2V
Nominal Capacity80Ah
Internal Resistance≤30mΩ (without BMS)
Cycle Life≥3000 cycles @80%DOD@25℃
Design Life10 years @25℃
Self-Discharge (30 days)≤5% @25℃
Efficiency of Charge≥98%
Efficiency of Discharge≥100% @ 0.2C & ≥96% @ 1C
ChargeCharge Voltage58.4V
Standard Charge Current20A
Max. Charge Current40A
DischargeStandard Discharge Current30A
Max. Contnuous Discharge Current50A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage40V
EnvironmentalCharge Temperature Range0℃~45℃
Discharge Temperature Range-10℃~55℃
Optimum Operation Temperature10℃~35℃
Storage Temperature-10℃~35℃, ≤85% Relative Humidity
Water Dust ResistanceIP54
CaseSteel Box
TerminalAnderson 50A
Dimensions(L*W*H) mm470*275*213
Max. Weight40kg
Min. Gravimetric Specifc energy102Wh/kg
OthersCapacity Indicators (LED)5 LED for SOC
Parallel in maximumNot allowed
Series in maximumNot allowed